Compelling Features To Include in A Beauty Salon App To Garner The Most Benefits

Needless to say, people are always being too much aware of their outer look, hairstyle and overall appearance. Visiting salons or hair parlours are always one activity among the daily chores for everyone in this image-conscious world. “If looks did not matter, then parlours would not have been so much crowded.” This thought absolutely stands true and so, salon or parlour businesses were never been a downtrend profession. On the contrary, this particular sector has always been experiencing incessant growth and triggering much revenue for the economy. One reason that can be accredited for the remarkable development of salon, beauty spas or grooming industry is mobile apps that made a lot of beauty care services available on demand.

If any appreneur is ever thinking of harnessing this new class of apps, it is vital for them to know the following features that such an app should have to reap maximum ROI.

Detailed List of the Services that the Parlour provides

No modern parlours are just confined to hair cutting or minimal beauty treatment services. Instead, they offer an array of services from hair dying, hair spa, manicure, pedicure, body waxing, head massages, and so forth. Thus, they need to list all the services category wise in the app with their service charges. This makes it convenient for customers to pick their required service.

Booking of a Schedule at a single click

Visiting a parlour or salon now is similar to that of visiting a doctor or advocate where one needs a prior appointment. Apps are helping customers with their inbuilt calendar to schedule an appointment in advance at a convenient time. They can just arrive in the scheduled time slot and avail the services they want. While salons/parlours are most crowded during holidays, weekends or on mornings, with pre-booking option, none have to wait for their turn after visiting the salon.

Image library of the beauty treatment services

Only listing of services along with the prices is not enough to assure that people will always pick a service. Parlour apps thus need to keep a separate photo library, displaying some ongoing beauty care, makeup results, haircut or facial outcomes, store interiors, equipment or items used in beauty treatments. An impressive image gallery will showcase their premium grooming services to customers and lure them to book their slot.

Push notifications

This feature is imperative to keep users updated with new services inclusion, seasonal offers, or just to remind them of the services that had availed a month back and might need it again. Apps can integrate the geo-fencing or GPS technology to send notifications to customers who are in location proximity to the store.

Booking history and reordering option

There are many parlour services that people need on a frequent basis like shaving, waxing, hair-cuts. The apps must let the registered users view their booking history anytime and avail a similar service again with repeat booking.

On-demand services at the doorstep `

On-demand services are capturing the most market in apps world. There are a lot of apps for travelling, food delivery, babysitting, event planning, tailoring, laundry, etc. that are providing services right at the doorstep of customers. Thus, missing out this feature in a beauty salon app can lose out an ample number of customers.

Mobile payments

In-app payments with electronic cards or e-wallets must be an innate feature in the beauty salon applications. Customers can easily pay through the app’s own payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe at their convenience and hence do not have to bear the hassles of carrying hard cash whenever they visit a parlour.

Leveraging a beauty salon app is sure to make lives easy for customers and increase the income for parlour businesses by manifold. However, they have to make sure to incorporate all these features to reap all the anticipated benefits.

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