Cosmetic Dental Treatments – Quick & Effective Treatments to Make You Smile

Acquiring a perfect smile is not a difficult task these days. Cosmetic dental treatments are available to correct any defect of the mouth and teeth that hinders the beauty of the face. The traditional dentistry aims at oral health, diagnosis and treatment of dental problems whereas the modern cosmetic dental treatments include the shaping, correction and the restoration of any defect related to mouth and teeth.

Cleaning up of discoloured teeth, dental fillings, teeth implants and correction of irregular teeth etc. are few of the treatments that you can often find being practised at a cosmetic dentist’s clinic. With the help of the latest technology, any kind of correction and rectification is possible using appropriate surgical and cosmetic techniques. Laser Teeth Whitening – Popular Tooth Whitening Questions

With the technology that is now available, such dental treatments have become quick, time saving and painless. Various cosmetic treatments regularly offered by dental surgeons are:

Teeth Implants

This treatment includes insertion of roots into the jaw that have an artificial tooth on them. The process is used to replace a broken or badly damaged tooth. The process can be a little painful, but the patient is given local anaesthesia for pain relief and often sedation can also be offered.

Tooth Bleaching or Whitening:

Using this method stained and tainted teeth are treated. For teeth that are not too discoloured, bleaching kits are available which can be used at home on a regular basis to help get rid of the stains. For those that are more severely stained or spoiled due to chewing of tobacco or smoking, laser tooth whitening is recommended. This detailed process is carried out in the dentist’s clinic.

Tooth Fillings:

For decayed and broken teeth, gold, silver and blends of other metals have been used for a long time. At one time, fillings were always different from the original colour of teeth but now fillings are available that are the natural colour of your teeth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges:

The pain of severely damaged or decayed teeth spreads to the head if left untreated for too long. Artificial crowns made up of porcelain or high-grade hard plastic can be used to replace such teeth. The tooth is removed completely, the decayed area is cleaned, and then the crown is placed in the hollow space. Dental bridges are used to close the gap between two teeth or to fill the space where there are no teeth. Fixed bridges cannot be removed like false teeth.


This treatment is offered to rectify uneven and crooked teeth. The teeth are straightened and properly spaced for better appearance. This process works quicker than the orthodontic braces, which take a long time to straighten teeth.

Veneers and Lumineers:

To hide the cracks and chipped teeth thin porcelain chips are used as a shield. A reduction of the tooth is carried out here if required. Lumineers are used to shape the smile. This process is similar to veneers except with veneers there is no tooth reduction.

Gum Lift and Smile Makeover:

This is a minor surgery that is performed to correct the shape of the gums. Tissue and bone under the gum is reshaped and carved to achieve a clean shape and look. The upper and lower arches are shaped to improve your smile.

Mouth reconstruction:

This treatment includes a complete check up and treatment of the flaws within the mouth such as the structure of the teeth, shape of the gums and any clinical problems associated with the teeth.

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